JUCKER HAWAII Balance Board Homerider SURF Makaha

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Coussin d'équilibre
Tapis de liège 183 x 61 cm
Plank Ball

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JUCKER HAWAII Balance Board Homerider SURF

The initial concept of our Homerider originates with board sports, where good balance is essential. Now days, balance boards are used as cross-trainers in many different sports. With our Homerider, athletes train their reflexes and lower body muscles and we continue to receive good feedback from those who use our Homerider for their cross-training efforts.

The Homerider is more than just a balance trainer; the Homerider appeals to all ages and levels. Many Homerider enthusiasts have invented an arsenal of tricks and freestyle maneuvers with our balance boards. The Homerider is not only suitable for cross-training it also offers tons of fun!

The Homerider SURF is the ideal cross-trainer for any board sport athlete. The shape of the board is inspired by a surfboard with the black pin line and red stripes give the board a classic surfboard look.

The Homerider SURF is also characterized by its high quality workmanship. The board is manufactured with 10 layers for Birchwood and can withstand over 100kg (220 Lbs) of preassure. The stoppers at the tips of the board are covered with felt and the top surface of the board is coated with “surgargrip” also known as cleargrip.

Our JUCKER HAWAII logo is lasered into the wood. For a better grip on the tube the two red stipes on the bottom of the board are also coated with a grip.

Homerider Balance Board Deck

  • Largeur : 430 mm
  • Longueur : 750 mm
  • Poids : 3,15 kg
  • Matériel : 10 couches de bouleau et d'érable

Homerider Tube:

  • Longueur : 470 mm
  • Diamètre : 165 mm
  • Epaisseur de la paroi : 8 mm
  • Trois bandes d'adhérence supplémentaires

Rouleau en liège Small Wave / Wave / Big Wave:

  • Longueur : 450 mm
  • Diamètre : 80 mm / 105 mm / 140mm
  • Matériel : Liège, matériel complet

Homerider Tube PRO:

  • Longueur : 450 mm
  • Diamètre : 120 mm
  • Matériel : Aluminium, revêtement polyuréthane

Homerider cork mat tapis de liège:

  • Longueur : 1830 mm
  • Largeur : 610 mm
  • Matériel : Liège, face inférieure caoutchoutée antidérapante

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