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Coussin d'équilibre
Tapis de liège 183 x 61 cm

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The Homerider Surf Rosewood combines nature and balance.

The noble board is elaborate and convinces with its beautiful details.

The size and construction offers a beginner friendly deck area, while at the same time advanced riders have enough flexibility to increase their repertoire of tricks.

On the top and bottom of the deck "Cleargrip" is applied, which ensures a good grip on the feet and on the role. The design was CNC milled and the JUCKER HAWAII logo lasered directly into the wood. Its ten layers give the deck an enormous resistance, so it can easily be loaded with 130 kg and more.

The beautiful, natural color makes the Balance Board an absolute eye-catcher.

Whether as a training tool for surfing, skateboarding, longboarding, snowboarding and SUP, or to train the sense of balance and the reflexes for everyday life - The Homerider offers countless ways to intuitively promote the entire body perception.

Find your Balance!

Homerider Balance Board Deck

  • Largeur : 430 mm
  • Longueur : 750 mm
  • Poids : 3,15 kg
  • Matériel : 10 couches de bouleau et d'érable

Homerider Tube:

  • Longueur : 470 mm
  • Diamètre : 165 mm
  • Epaisseur de la paroi : 8 mm
  • Trois bandes d'adhérence supplémentaires

Rouleau en liège Small Wave / Wave / Big Wave:

  • Longueur : 450 mm
  • Diamètre : 80 mm / 105 mm / 140mm
  • Matériel : Liège, matériel complet

Homerider Tube PRO:

  • Longueur : 450 mm
  • Diamètre : 120 mm
  • Matériel : Aluminium, revêtement polyuréthane

Homerider cork mat tapis de liège:

  • Longueur : 1830 mm
  • Largeur : 610 mm
  • Matériel : Liège, face inférieure caoutchoutée antidérapante

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