JUCKER HAWAII Longboard HOKU V2 Flex 1

Numéro d'article: MJ-HV2-F1

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Twin Tip Allround Board

up to 110 kg

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JUCKER HAWAII Longboard HOKU V2 Flex 1

The 2 flex levels and its shape makes the HOKU (Hawai'an for star) a perfect allrounder for longboarders of all ages and weight class.

The kicktail on both ends allow the rider to use the board for tricks. The dropthrough truckmount keeps the center of gravity low which
makes the board a great cruiser while at the same time it provides more stability at higher speeds.

The fiberglass / bamboo construction of the deck is extremely durable without affecting the weight of the board.

Flex 1: Up to 242 lb (Also a good choice for riders who prefer a stiff deck and want to intensify freeride and slight downhill)

Flex 2: 90-190 lb

Flex 3: 66-132 lb (For lightweight kids and rider who prefer a very flexy deck)

Overall the HOKU is a great allround board for cruising, carving, sliding, freeride and slight downhill at each skill level.

* All Jucker Hawaii longboards are fully assembled and ready to ride!

Enjoy Your Ride!

Le pont

  • Longueur: 990 mm / 39 pouces
  • Largeur: 222 mm / 8.75 pouces
  • Matériel: bambou / fibre de verre
  • Niveaux de flexibilité:
  • Flex 1 de 70 Kg à 110 Kg
  • Flex 2 de 45 Kg à 80 Kg
  • Flex 3 de 30 Kg à 60 Kg
  • Empattement, entraxe interne du trou: 690 mm
  • Montage de l'axe: Dropthrough, Oldschool
  • Griptape: noir (standard)

JUCKER HAWAII Allround Trucks

  • Couleur/ surface: noir, mat
  • Largeur intéreur: 180 mm / 7 pouces
  • Largeur extérieur: 250 mm / 9,8 pouces
  • Baseplate: 50°
  • Bushings: 95A


  • Couleur/ noir avec Wheel-Print
  • Moyenne/diamètre: 69 mm
  • Largeur: 55 mm
  • Superficie / Contact Patch: 52 mm
  • Niveau de dureté: 78A
  • Bearings: JUCKER HAWAII ABEC 7

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